Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blind allows you to be able to control the light into you room (whether this be at the office or in your home).  

Venetian blinds are available in two sizes, the 25mm and the 50mm, and in almost every colour imaginable.

    Venetian Blinds offer you the following features:

  • Standard slat widths of 25mm or 50mm.
  • Stainless steel and brass pins and rollers (these are perfect for anti-rust prevention; dependent on the environment).
  • Colour co-ordinated cords, ladders and rails (bottom and top).
  • The blind slats are maneuvered with a clear plastic rod, and it is advisable to ensure the blinds are open when pulling up or lowering down.  This is done by means of the draw cord.
  • Venetian blinds come in a large range of colours, as well as wood, wood lookalike and metallic.
  • Venetian blinds are ideal for homes, offices and areas where there is low humidity.
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