The Horizontal Burglar Bars are similar to the Cottage Pane Bars except that they are made up with horizontal bars intercepted by vertical bars. Vertical bars are only used where the window size is wider than the standard size.

The Horizontal Burglar Bars offer you the following features:

  • No welding joints.
  • No bolts, screws or frames are used.
  • On Site Installation to fit and align to each frame
  • Horizonal Bars with a few vertical bars as space will allow.

What you need to know about the Horizontal Burglar Bars:

  • Horizontal Bars comprise of steel square tubes; 25mm x 12mm x 1.6mm gauge and Vertical Bars; square 10mm x 10mm solid steel bars
  • They have corrugated solid steel pins which fix the horizontal bars to the wall, and are solidly fastened using effective epoxy glue
  • Plastic collar ends add an aesthetic finish
  • They are zinc-electroplate-galvanised for rust protection (hot-dip galvanising, for added protection from rusting, available on request)
  • They are powder coated with Exterior Polyester to resist fading
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