Trellis Grille Burglar Bars - Burglar Proofing  - Security
Trellis Grille Burglar Bars outside view - Burglar Proofing  - Security

Complementing the Alphador range of retractable doors, Trellis Grille provides a 4-sided frame for added security and a neater finish. This single upright is larger than its Magnagrille counterpart. The difference here is that this is comprised of a fixed burglar bar set enclosed in a steel frame.

Trellis Grille offers you the following features:

  • The bars, as with the gates, come with a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship and material.
  • Hot-dip galvanised and powder coated for extra resistance against the harsh effects of the sun, you have bars that will stand the test of time!
  • Suitable for all high-risk areas.

What you need to know about Trellis Grille:

  • All-steel construction ensuring super strength
  • Square steel tube uprights 17mm x 17mm x 1.2mm gauge
  • Cross-braces are temper-roll-hardened and zinc-electroplate-galvanised
  • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) – protection against rust and is durable
  • Powder coated with Exterior Polyester to eliminate fading from the sun
  • Encased in a steel U-channel frame that is bolted to the reveal
  • UL8 rawl plugs and coach screws (approximately 60mm long) are used to secure the frame to the wall
  • To reduce easy access, the wall mountings and fixing points are concealed
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