Clear Armed Burglar Bars

You can now link your alarm system to the clear bars. The bars have integrated sensors which when tampered with will sound the alarm.

The Clear Armed Burglar Bars offers you the following features:

  • The bars are fitted with integrated sensors in a clear strip, which are set off when tampering or attempted break-ins occur.
  • The bars are washable and animal friendly.
  • Even when your alarm is deactivated, the armed bars will sound if set off.
  • Perfect for any commercial or residential property, the armed clear bars are the ideal security solution, allowing you peace of mind without spoiling your view.
  • You have 24/7 perimeter protection and will be alerted when there is an intrusion.
  • The bars are never deactivated no matter whether you are present or not.
  • The Clear Armed Burglar Bars can be fitted to any size window opening.
  • Easy cleaning and maintaining.
  • The sensor wires are rust protected and rust-proof.
  • The bars are UV-protected and will not yellow from the sun.
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