Clear View Bars - Burglar Proofing  - Security
Clear View Bars up close - Burglar Proofing  - Security
Clear View Bars front of house - Burglar Proofing  - Security

For that almost-not-there look, clear burglar bars offer you a modern security option that doesn’t compromise your view and is a barrier against intruders which still offers strength.

The Clear Burglar Bars offers you the following features:

  • Bars are made from transparent polycarbonate construct, which has Ultra High Impact, with a rating of 100.
  • It is also UV Protected on both sides, which means no yellowing effects from the harsh sun.
  • The polycarbonate strip is among the thickest (5mm) and broadest (50mm) in the industry and offers the added resilience corresponding to those robust dimensions.
  • 5-year break-in repair guarantee.
  • The bars are secured to fully galvanised steel tubes using stainless-steel button-head screws fastened to zinc-plated rivnuts. These steel tubes frame the bars and are bolted securely (using coach screws and UL8 rawl plugs) to the window reveal.
  • For further security, a stainless-steel washer, 1.6mm gauge, is placed at each of the fixings, between the domed head of the screw and the bar itself, to reinforce the fixing joint.
  • For further strength and protection, galvanised steel parts are used (rust resistant).
  • Polyester powder coated steel tubes, available in a variety of colours – fade resistant and stylish.
  • To reduce the opportunity to tamper, the spacing between the bars is only about 100mm (or 150mm from fixing to fixing).
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