Budgetdor - Burglar Proofing  - Security - low risk area

Our value-for-money option offers you a single upright retractable gate with both bottom and top tracks.  This trellis gate has a concealed star-hook lock or the option of a slam lock. This door is best used in lower risk areas.

This retractable gate offers you the following features:

  • For easy opening and closing, the 4-sided frame means a smooth motion and easy lock and unlock mechanism.
  • No nylon or plastics wheels or feet have been used as these wear down quickly.
  • 5-year guarantee. T&C’s apply.

What you need to know:

  • An all-steel construction
  • Single steel uprights; 24mm x 17mm x 1.0mm gauge
  • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy
  • The 4-sided steel frame allows for a more precise reveal fitting without any spaces making leveraging more difficult
  • Pre-lubricated sealed steal roller bearings run in steel top track. No nylon or plastic parts.
  • You get a low profile, half-moon bottom track that is easy to cross and user-friendly (e.g. wheelchairs, trolleys, push-prams)
  • A single metal zinc guide is used at the bottom of every upright for a smooth motion in the captured bottom track
  • The top track, bottom track and lock channel are rolled with 180-degree dutch bend folds for extra strength and improved paint adhesion
  • Lock channels are designed to make fixing points concealed
  • Powder Coating with exterior polyester (not less than 80 microns thick) is used and is fade-resistant
  • A stainless-steel lock with a 45-degree cam cylinder, making it far more difficult to dislodge the cylinder when struck by heavy hammers or other objects
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