Trellis Swing Gate - Burglar Proofing - Security

The Trellis Swing Gate is an innovative design comprising of patented stainless-steel 2 lock system – the slam lock and the full-length lock bar – ensuring a high level of protection. It also features a unique patented “mouse-hole” that allows the door to be swung and rest in the reveal/wall.

The Trellis Swing Gate offers you the following features:

  • The patented stainless-steel slam lock and full-length lock bar offers good protection and peace of mind.
  • The top track allows for easy opening and closing and still gives you ultimate strength and safety.
  • The Trellis Swing Gate can be disengaged from its top track to allow it to swing freely to one side. This gives the maximum room for bulky items to move through.
  • Where larger furniture, machinery or items needs to be moved through a door space, the Trellis Swing Gate is perfect.

What you need to know about the Trellis Swing Gate:

  • You get 17mm x 17mm square steel tubular bars, 1.2mm gauge, descend diagonally at 30-degree angles (when fully extended)
  • Further 12.7mm x 12.7mm square steel tubular bars, 0.9mm gauge steel, ascend diagonally at 30-degree angles (when fully extended)
  • Patented “mouse-hole” in the top track
  • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy
  • The locking channel has 180-degree Dutch bend folds which ensure super strength, good paint adhesion and you can be assured of a user friendly and safer gate because there are no sharp edges
  • Powder coated with exterior Polyester, in a choice of colours to suit your need. This is an attractive, fade-resistant product
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