Wall Spikes Razor Roll Burglar Proofing Security

Razor Rolls are revolving wall spikes designed to keep intruders off your walls.

The spikes are made up of a 4-sided razor comb, designed to fit into the existing wall structure, ideal for Vibracrete walls and fences. The extra preventative measure is that, when held onto, they revolve, making it even more difficult to grab on and get over the wall or fence.

The razor roll adds extra security for stand alone homes, duplexes and town houses and all perimeter walls.

The Razor Roll offers you the following features:

  • Hot-dipped and galvanized these are coated with a Polyester-powder coating to protect against the elements and rust.
  • The Razor Roll comes in 2-metre lengths and are connected to one another for a seamless aesthetic look.
  • They are available in 11 different colours to match your home or office.

What you need to know about the Razor Roll:

  • They are revolving wall spikes, designed to rotate when climbed on or grasped
  • The Razor Roll is an excellent deterrent for those who want to jump over the wall and access your property
  • Hot-dipped and galvanised, coated with an exterior pure polyester powder
  • There is an outer dimension of 90mm between the razor edgings
Wall Spikes Razor Roll Burglar Proofing Security inside view
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